Latest Projects

The Kelley Syron Sunshine fund is dedicated to helping better the lives of children with disabilities.

Below are the beneficiaries of the Sunshine Fund. A big thanks goes out to all who have participated and donated to the fund!

Dream Village Gala

We partnered with the 10th Annual Dream Village Gala and helped raise over $100,000!

Hannah's Disney Dream

We sent Hannah on a trip to Disney to meet her favorite characters from Frozen!

Lucas from North Syracuse

With your help, we were able to fund 100% of Lucas’s Florida theme park vacation!

The Kelley Syron Sunshine Foundation is Partnering with a National Non-Profit Organization

Chessie’s Big Backyard

The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund Helps Chessie and the Kids!

Chessie’s Carousel

We donated horses to the new carousel at Chessie’s Big Backyard.

Karter H. and Family

Karter and his family were the winners of the 2016 Kelley Syron Beach Vacation.

KSSF Recieves 2015 Eakin Philanthropy Award

We were honored for our efforts on Chessie’s Big Back Yard.

Christopher & Family

We sent Christopher, a 6 year old child with cerebral palsy, his family and a caregiver to Disney!

John G & Family

John was the lucky recipient of the 2013 Kelley Syron Sunshine beach vacation.

Chessie’s Nautical Cove

We helped open the new Nautical Cove at Chessie’s Big Backyard!

Austin & Family

Austin and his two brothers, sister, mom, and dad, were the lucky recipients of this year’s KSSF vacation to Disney World.

Chessie’s Tiki Village

The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund helps open the new Tiki Village in Chessie’s Big Backyard.

Hayden & Family

Hayden and his family who were the lucky recipients of our first sponsored beach vacation!

Donate to the Fund

All donations go directly to the Fairfax County Parks Association's Chessie's Big Backyard and The Sunshine Foundation. Two organizations dedicated to helping better the lives of children with disabilities.