Who Will Benefit from Kelley's Fund?

Kelley loved her work at The Children's Therapy Center (CTC) and she loved every family who came there. Her memory was impeccable and she knew every patient by name and would greet and have kind words for any child who passed by her office. She was never too busy for a quick chat or a word of encouragement. The therapists at CTC would often include her in their treatment sessions which was one of her favorite things.

Meet a few of the many patients who Kelley loved:

Colin, a child with cerebral palsy, always knew that a piece of chocolate awaited him as he walked with his walker towards Kelley's office after physical therapy.

Matt, who would always receive a warm smile as he wheeled his chair near Kelley's office door.

Austin, a child with autism, would receive his weekly problem solving assignment from Kelley when he arrived for occupational therapy.

Michael, a child with cerebral palsy would blow Kelley kisses as he walked past her office in his walker.

Eric, a child with hypotonia would not start therapy until he gave &lquo;Miss Kelley&rquo; a hug and confide in her about his fear of the ocean.

Aaron, a child with Down Syndrome, always practiced his articulation with Kelley during his speech therapy session.

Jacob, a child with diplegia, was lucky to have Kelley babysit for him and his siblings when his parents were away.