About Kelley

From the time Kelley was a little girl, the beach, any beach, meant a time when family members including aunts, uncles, and cousins would gather for a memorable week of closeness. Whether it was Ocean Isle, Emerald Isle, Duck, Virginia Beach or other coastal vacation spots, Kelley was there enjoying the swimming, sunning, and family time. As time went on, the family beach vacations were coupled with family scuba diving which meant beautiful places like Bonaire, Belize, and the Cayman Islands.

Almost every year, Kelley, and her mother Suzan, would take annual mother/daughter vacations to the Caribbean where they would reconnect as “best friends”. Later, when her sister Mackenzie was born, this tradition continued with just the three of them ... of course this was always in addition to the annual family vacation!

And as an adult, Kelley and her wonderful friends had many annual beach weeks as well. She would often talk about her trips to Corolla, Dewey and other destinations.

Kelley was the most upbeat girl and young lady. She had a constant smile on her face and always had a kind word to say. She was quick with her humor and it only took a few minutes to feel like you had been Kelley's friend for a lifetime. She was genuinely happy all the time. Her social skills were indeed valued by all her family and friends. She had the uncanny ability to make a party anytime and anywhere. She was a master in exuberating warmth.

Kelley was an organ donor. Although some of her organs were unable to be used due to her MTHFR clotting disorder, we do know that her eyes, tissue, and long bones were able to be taken.